Cybersecurity SIG

Wednesday 9th February 2022 - 8:30am - 12:30pm

SAP Clockhouse Place, Middlesex

Our Audit, Control and Security (ACS) SIG is a well-supported group attended by a cross-section of professionals working with SAP and representing the following business areas: IT Security; (including SAP Basis experts) IT & Financial Audit; and Risk Management.


The full agenda and content for this session will be online shortly.

Cybersecurity within most companies has rapidly evolved from being an IT/Security topic to firmly landing on the desks of the rest of the board. The risks are so great that every executive, and every employee needs to be aware of the challenges and their responsibilities. *New figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau show a 7 times spike in reported instances of cyber-crime in UK during the first 6 months of 2022 (£1.3Billion) compared to 2021. This is already a shocking statistic but it’s only the tip of the iceberg; the scale of cybercrime is impossible to accurately estimate because a lot of companies that are victims of it really don’t want it to become public. The financial damage can be significant but the reputational damage resulting from attacks can be long-reaching and ultimately more costly. In addition, regulations continue to evolve to protect shareholders and to protect the personal data and privacy for individuals. These regulations now have ‘teeth’ as Amazon recently found out when they were fined €¾Billion. The added vulnerabilities created by Covid and the exodus of employees to home offices have only proved catalysts to an already incredible situation.

SAP understand the awesome responsibilities this places on us; from ensuring customers data is protected in their datacentres to minimising code vulnerability in their software; from educating their staff to mould a ‘human firewall’ to ensuring that they have appropriate protective processes in place; from ensuring that they are continuously updating/patching their own tools to ensuring that they are offering customers world-leading solutions to protect their estates. For SAP customers, their ‘crown jewels’ are usually stored within their ERP systems and SAP know that cyberattacks are **focusing more and more on ERPs for exactly that reason.

Join them to learn about the current solutions within their GRC portfolio which are designed to mitigate some of the biggest risks. View holistic demos of solutions such as ‘SAP Enterprise Threat Detection’ and ‘SAP Data Custodian’. Hear from some of their customers, such as Vodafone talk about their implementations of SAP GRC solutions for cyber-protection or listen to the story from the CISO from Tata Steel. Perhaps, visit an interactive cybersecurity experience in the SAP Digital Cyber Boardroom or follow an SAP cyber-attack and response in real-time. We look forward to seeing you at SAP at Clockhouse Place to dedicate time to the critical topic of cybersecurity.

UK loses £1.3bn to fraud and cyber crime so far this year (*

ERP applications are under cyber attack, research confirms (**

Our UKISUG Audit Control & Security SIG Chairs:

Brian Froom has 21+ years’ experience as an IT Auditor across different sectors. He is currently involved in the security and monitoring of Tata Steel’s SAP installations across UK and Europe.

Rhian Parry has been leading Welsh Waters IT External Audits since 2012 along with the SAP Access and Authorisations Annual user reviews with SAP licence Management now in her remit as Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s SAP Assurance Lead within the SAP Centre of Excellence.

Event Location

SAP Clockhouse Place
TW14 8HD

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