SAP manufacturing processes made easy with Maextro

Thursday 22nd September 2022 - 10:00am - 11:00am

Dial In Webinar

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

This webinar will firstly discuss a number of key customer challenges faced by many Bluestonex clients, specifically around the governance and management of manufacturing master data objects across different business systems and its integration with backend SAP ERP.

Following this, Bluestonex will provide a live demonstration of the key capabilities of Maextro – a single core SAP solution add-on born out of manufacturing industry insights and collaboration.

From a technical perspective, the solution primarily aims to address a very common, often complex data problem held across PLM, CAD, MDM/PIM business systems in maintaining an accurate and complete picture of manufacturing master data requirements, covering all the required SAP manufacturing business objects (Material(s), Bill of Material(s), Routing(s), Master Recipe(s), and Document Information Record).

This demonstration will focus on a typical scenario for the introduction of new manufactured product data into the SAP environment, touching on Maextro ‘s key capabilities within the manufacturing discipline to streamline MDM practices from the outset, right until the very point of a formal handover to manufacturing.

As an organisation who firmly believes in human centred software design principles, the webinar will also discuss the unintended consequence posed by a disparate system landscape on central master data teams and local plant data stewards, who inwardly, are often most impacted by such data management shortcomings.

Finally, we will also share what success could yield in these areas as well as looking forward to emerging SAP technologies, deciphering what these could potentially mean for your manufacturing data management practices going forward.

Event Speakers

Feroz Khan

Co-founder of Bluestone X


Feroz has a passion for cutting edge technology and focused on driving innovation to fuel our ambitious growth plans. Solution Founder of Maextro software and its family of products.

Callum Bromley

SAP Consultant & Maextro Manufacturing Expert


Callum has many years of SAP experience. Has been with Bluestonex for 8 years. SAP Consultant and Maextro Manufacturing Expert.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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SAP manufacturing processes made easy with Maextro Recording

Feroz Khan and Callum Bromley from BluestoneX presented the 'SAP manufacturing processes made easy with Maextro' webinar on the 22nd September 2022

Sponsor Resource: Bluestonex Consulting

Event: SAP manufacturing processes made easy with Maextro

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