S/4HANA Options, Scenarios and Roadmap – Demystified

Wednesday 12th October 2022 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Dial In Webinar

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

With S/4HANA considerations and journeys in full-swing Absoft would like to invite you to a session during which the speakers will demystify the options and pathways available whether you are still to embark or are already part of the way through that journey.

In this session Absoft will outline and clarify:

- the S/4HANA options available as well as provide perspective on which of those options organisations are choosing, and why;

- the key considerations when determining which of those scenarios is best for a given customer situation including the wider SAP landscape, particularly SAP cloud product offerings that could/would typically complement a core S/4HANA system

- the pathways to fully deploying and getting the benefits from S/4HANA including identifying the challenges and suggesting some solutions as to how organisations (customers and integrators) can maximise the value they can derive from their SAP investment

- As well as the next steps for organisations already on the S/4HANA journey

The presenter will de-mystify some of the terminology and tech-speak surrounding digital core S/4HANA options and will outline what the main options are. Don Valentine will then present a journey map (anonymized) of some of the options and pathways companies are adopting and why those have been chosen.

SAP’s portfolio of products has grown in recent years, in particular in the cloud offerings. The presenter will also elaborate on which cloud offerings are potentially useful additions to companies’ landscapes for given customer scenarios. Based on where organisations are typically at on their S/4HANA journey, the presenter will describe what the optimal best next steps might be

Don Valentine will then also outline what organisations need to do (and are doing) towards accelerating their S/4HANA journey as well as what integrators, such as Absoft, need to and are doing towards that same end

This webinar is industry and company-size agnostic and will address both the business and the technical side of fully deploying and getting the benefits from S/4HANA.

Event Speakers

Don Valentine

Commercial Director

Absoft Limited

With over 25 years in the IT business and as an ex-SAP Supply Chain consultant, Don is proud of having retained a delivery focus and a passion for ensuring our services result in excellent customer outcomes, whether Absoft is implementing, optimising, or supporting SAP.

Robert MacDonald

Innovation and Technology Manager

Absoft Limited

Bob is responsible for bringing the latest SAP technology to Absoft and its customers across industry sectors. From a technical background, he specialises in identifying efficiencies in running SAP through automation, monitoring and optimisation.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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S/4HANA Options, Scenarios and Roadmap – Demystified Recording

Recording of the S/4HANA Options, Scenarios and Roadmap from Absoft on 12th October 2022

Sponsor Resource: Absoft Limited

Event: S/4HANA Options, Scenarios and Roadmap – Demystified

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