5 Keys to Cost Efficient SAP Data Security

Wednesday 19th October 2022 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Dial In Webinar

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Is data an asset or a liability?

Unsecured SAP data is always a corporate and a career liability. Privacy mandates with heavy fines, disgruntled employees seeking vengeance, brands at greater risk from even small data breaches, and the demand for greater support of remote workers have all made securing sensitive data more important – but they have also made the costs greater.

Join Greg Wendt from Pathlock as he discusses and demonstrates 5 keys to cost efficiently securing SAP data.

Learn how to get the most from your SAP roles while avoiding trying to do too much with them.

Learn how to quickly identify where your sensitive data is and how to extend your GRC ruleset to stay aware of who has access.

Most importantly, learn how you can quickly minimize PII exposure at scale, by adopting a policy-based approach for dynamic protections that will also keep your hybrid workforce secure and productive.

Greg will cover how to define and scale data-centric security policies which cost effectively protect data, and how to manage those policies over time.

During this session he will share best practices and a demonstration for how you can:

  • Use data masking to address inadequacies in role-based access controls
  • Gain the agility needed to handle a changing regulatory environment
  • Protect sensitive data without hindering business productivity
  • Use data-centric controls to detect and prevent data breaches
  • Event Speakers

    Greg Wendt

    Executive Director


    Greg Wendt is Executive Director, Security Solutions at Pathlock, the leading provider of Access Governance, Data and Application Security solutions.

    David Lloyd

    Director of Grey Monarch

    Grey Monarch

    David Lloyd is a co-founder of Grey Monarch, who specialize in SAP security, threat detection, vulnerability management, access controls, compliance and audit.

    Event has expired

    Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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    5 Keys to Cost Efficient SAP Data Security recording

    Greg Wendt and David Lloyd from Grey Monarch presented '5 Keys to Cost Efficient SAP Data Security' webinar on Wednesday 19th October 2022.

    Sponsor Resource: Pathlock

    Event: 5 Keys to Cost Efficient SAP Data Security

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