Finance SIG

Thursday 11th March 2010 - 9:30am - 9:30am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

In response to interest from User group members we are arranging an Archiving Day in place of the normal Finance SIG on 11th March 2010.

  1. How does this day differ from a normal SIG?
    The agenda will be pretty flexible, allowing us time to explore areas of interest in greater detail. The success of the day will depend in a large part on users prepared to discuss their own issues with archiving and their own best practices. I have one expert who will get us started but I am looking for a couple more people who have done significant archiving and are willing to pass on their experience. Please contact George Mansfield if you are willing to help.

    A play system should be available so we will be able to examine individual tables and transactions in detail. It would be excellent if anyone can help enable us to access your own test system via VPN.
  2. Does this mean that I should not attend if I am new to archiving?
    Not at all. We will guide you through the very earliest steps in archiving and the issues for Finance departments in particular.
  3. In order to guide us in preparing the best material for the day it would be particularly useful if you could contact [email protected] asap with questions and points that you wish to discuss. Or add your points to the Forum on the website.
  4. Who is this day targeting for the audience?
    IT consultants supporting Financial applications, Finance Managers wishing to understand Basis or Abap backgrounds. Consultants from other streams such as BI, SD, MM, CRM concerned with Archiving in those areas. Authorisation experts. From experience I would say these days work best if there is a mix of technical and more commercial users.
  5. The primary objective of the day is to look at SAP Data Archiving in ERP/ECC core systems, however if you can contribute ideas and experience of Optical Archiving of images, third party tools, etc then please get in touch.

    The list below indicates some topics which I would like to cover during the day. Please add your own questions or issues. I have opened a new discussion forum on the user group website for you to add further questions.
  • Practical Points
  • Authorisations and Archives
  • Experience of reporting from Archives
    Performance issues
    Version issues
  • Non standard tables and fields
  • Commercial Points
  • Finance or Business Rules when and what to archive
  • Company transformations Archiving a Carve Out
  • What does a failure to archive tell you about a failing business process particularly incomplete purchase orders, and sales orders.
  • Commercial and practical benefits of archiving vs. just buy more disk space
  • Archiving issues in different business environments:
    Financial Services, High Volume Retail, Pharmaceuticals covered by the Food and Drug regulations,
    Aircraft Companies keeping accurate records for 30+ years.
  • How can I archive if we only have a small support team
  • ECC 6 and the future
  • Archiving prior to a New General Ledger conversion.
  • Issues arising from off system information. For example some of the newComposite Applications will create off system tables. Are there issues ofsecurity, archive integrity and synchronous data?
  • Archive issues for the other Business Suite modules: PLM, CRM, SRM, APO,Quality Centre.
  • Archiving and Solution Manager
  • Will there be an impact on archiving with increasing use of SOA (ServicesOrientated Architecture)?
  • Third Party Tools
  • Recommendations or experience - Anyone?

So over to you.
Even if you are unable to attend please help us understand the level of interest in this topic among SAP Users by replying to these questions below.

1. What do you want to know?
2. Do you archive?
3. Which versions of SAP? Which Modules?
4. How experienced in archiving are you?
5. Do you use Archive tools by third parties

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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