Enabling Intelligent Supply Chain on SAP BTP

Thursday 10th November 2022 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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In the post-COVID world, businesses have realised how dependent they are on each other. Supply chains are the centre of that dependency.

Nihilent has built a suite of products on SAP BTP which can be help businesses connect and collaborate with every stakeholder in their supply chain right from the consumer to the distributor, transporter, supplier and contract manufacturer.

A well-orchestrated, real-time, intelligent supply chain can help businesses become more resilient, more productive, more profitable and embrace sustainability.

And being built on SAP BTP, the products are well integrated with other applications like S/4HANA. And utilize the innovative services available on SAP BTP such as AI/ML.

The products can be deployed quickly. Built using Fiori , the solutions are intuitive to use and hence the supply chain stakeholders can use it with minimal training.

The solutions can be adopted to the corporate identity of the business and tweaked with additional features and functionality specific to the business.

With minimal data being pulled in real time from the ERP system, there is no duplication of data. And being built on one platform, the system landscape is simple to operate and maintain.

  • The iNGAGE solution gives unmatched insight into the heart of any business – the end consumer. And provides an opportunity to engage with consumers for product registration, warranty, spare part authentication
  • The iDEAL solution connects distributors and dealers for real time ordering, dispatch information, payments using a self service portal that also helps engage them for a smooth experience
  • The iTORQ solution connects transporters helping plan on-time dispatches as well ensuring the quality of products is maintained through IoT integration
  • The iVEN solution helps bring supplier information in one place right from RFQ, Purchase orders, ASN and Payments
  • The iCON solution gives real time visibility into manufacturing planning and activities at contract manufacturer location. It also gives insights into quality and other compliances such as sustainable processes
  • And with iRPA being available, a number of repetitive tasks related to these stakeholders can be automated
Event Speakers

Sabahat Kazi

President, Intelligent Enterprise, Co-Founder – Intellect Bizware


Sabahat Kazi has over 27 years of experience including more than 24 years in the SAP ecosystem. At Nihilent, Sabahat is responsible for the Intelligent Enterprise business which includes SAP and Salesforce solutions. He also manages Intellect, a subsidiary of Nihilent, which he co-founded in 2007.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Enabling Intelligent Supply Chain on SAP BTP recording

Sabahat and Nathan from Nihilent presented the 'Enabling Intelligent Supply Chain on SAP BTP' webinar on Thursday 10th November 2022

Sponsor Resource: Nihilent Limited

Event: Enabling Intelligent Supply Chain on SAP BTP

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