Project Systems SIG

Tuesday 8th June 2010 at 9:30am - 9:30am

Ively Road,

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Craig Dale from the SAP User Group will give a 2010 Conference Update. This will be followed by a User Group Initiative/ Long Term Roadmap Session.
Michael Cutting from QinetiQ will present SAP PS in QinetiQ. This will give An overview of the SAP PS implementation in QinetiQ.
Rachel Morris, SIG Chair, will deliver a session on Development Requests. We would like to invite members to come with suggestions of development requests or preferably provide examples before the meeting. Connection to SAP to demonstrate. Suggestions to date....

  • Capacity Profiles only account for remaining work and not the entire duration so after the activity has started the profile is irrelevant.
  • CNE5 progress report only shows values up to the current period and no total values.
  • Network drawing only shows the critical activity box in red and not the connecting line.

Guy Spaven from SAP will present the session Hints and Tips for existing PS users. Guy will discuss, demonstrate use and then show any configuration for the follow topics:

  • Activity Elements – What they are and when to use them
  • Calculating Overheads with Costing Sheets
  • Availability Control of Budgets
  • Distributing Costs with the capacity Distribution key
  • Summarization Reports for multiple Projects
  • Easy Cost Planning

Event Resources

Development Request - NATS (160.13 KB)
SAP PS in QinetiQ - Michael Cutting QinetiQ (619.75 KB)
Hints and Tips for existing PS users - Guy spaven SAP (284.53 KB)
SAP Multiresource Scheduling - Guy Spaven SAP (1.39 MB)
New Solution Deep Dive: SAP Enterprise Project Connection - Johan Malmstroem SAP (3.54 MB)
Capacity Profiles - Rachel Morris SIG Chair (331.07 KB)

Event has expired

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