Wednesday 7th July 2010 at 9:30am - 9:30am


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This event will be sponsored by su53 Solutions.
Feedback from previous meetings has suggested you value workshop / discussion sessions, so we are planning to run something along these lines at all future ACS SIGs.
For this meeting we are proposing to try and answer your SAP audit questions - as we all have to go through audits.
Do you have any open audit issues you are struggling to resolve?

Do you wonder how other companies audit their SAP systems?
If you have any such questions, please send these to before the 1st July and we'll look to discuss these in our Audit Questions session.
Craig Dale from the User Group will give an SAP User Group Update where he will discuss User Group influence activities and explain how you can get involved, including SAP Solution Roadmaps, Customer Engagement Initiative and Support Customer Advisory Council, along with providing an update on this year’s User Group Conference.

Sarah Dawson from su53 Solutions will deliver the session Process Controls: a different perspective.  SAP delivers a robust internal controls framework that customers may be unaware of. Fraud and error can be prevented at its source and reduced cash leakage will have a direct impact on a company’s  bottom line. This presentation focuses on the ERP system and the following business processes will be used to illustrate common areas where cash is leaking: 

  • Procure 2 Pay
  • Order 2 Cash
  • Make 2 Stock
  • Master Data

The information is based upon a customer project that su53 is currently working on.
Sandra san Vicente from Anglian Water will present RAR and SPM at Anglian Water.  Anglian Water has taken control of its risks by implementing RAR and SPM. This presentation tells of the journey they have taken, the lessons learned along the way, and what they plan next - including greater focus on Segregation of Duty management and prevention,  and new initiatives such as data scrambling and ID management.
An SAP GRC Solution Management Team Representative will provide an overview of the GRC Access Control v10.  The SAP BusinessObjects GRC team is hosting a special presentation designed to provide an overview of the next release of GRC Access representative Control v10.  This session is designed to provide you with information in advance of the release, which is currently scheduled to enter ramp-up at the end of this calendar year. In this session we will provide you with preliminary overview information for two areas: 

  1. The changes and improvements to the key business processes covered by Access Control.
  2. An overview of the technical architecture changes and migration activities to aid in your planning. 

This is a special session we are holding for customers in order to ensure we are providing information in a timely manner. While we will not provide complete feature set and technical migration details, this session is designed to provide an overview of the release to assist in your planning. We will not be distributing the materials from this session given its preliminary nature. We will not be providing a detailed review of every feature being planned for the next release but we will discuss the improvements for key business processes. Please note this discussion will be one for planning purposes and should not be construed as a commitment and is subject to change. 
Gavin Campbell from su53 Solutions will present the session What does good look like?  Auditors tell us that more could be done to address compliance and risk management. We hear about a SAP Security maturity model for adoption. But what are the characteristics of the points on the model and how do we know where we are and how far we want to go? Is there a matrix of characteristics to help determine the journey? A facilitated, interactive discussion will lead to the creation of a matrix of the GRC adoption maturity curve, and invite comment on where the audience sees itself on the curve.
There will also be an update on Development Requests.

Event Resources

Process Control - Presentation Sarah Dawson (1.42 MB)
Sandra San Vicente - Anglian Water Presentation (1.06 MB)
SAP GRC Access Control (1.05 MB)
su53 presentation- Gavin Campbell (747.23 KB)

Event has expired

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