Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Tuesday 31st October 2023 - 12:00pm - 12:45pm

Dial In Webinar

Neurodiversity in the workplace and why its essential to us all.

You have heard throughout the year the different Neurodiverse diagnosis, now let’s put all that deep learning into practice, why is it so important for businesses to be accepting and encouraging of a Neurodiverse workforce, how can small and inexpensive reasonable adjustments be made to help everyone. Why do SAP and Google actively recruit Neurodiverse employees, why have Coca-Cola and the London Fire Brigade changed their working practices to adopt a more neuro-inclusive stance. Join Simon and Chezzy from Thrive as we look at why it’s important to be making a change in your organisation.

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Event Speakers

Chezzy Kennedy

Neurodiversity consultant


Chezzy has a BA (Hons) in Special Educational Needs and over 10 years of experience working with autistic individuals at their homes, specialist and mainstream schools, and business locations.

Simon Nichols

Founder and Wellbeing Director


After spending 26 years in corporate IT sales and marketing, Simon realised the time was right to pursue his passion in helping people to manage their mental health better, and to help recognise poor mental health in others.

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