Utilities SIG

Thursday 15th July 2010 - 9:00am - 9:00am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

This event will kindly be sponsored by Axon

Holger Schweinfurth from SAP will deliver SAP AMI EhP5. The content of this session will be an overview of the AMI system architecture and the new AMI functionalities provided with EhP5. They will be explained on slides but also shown in the system.  

This will be followed by a CCP Discussion.  

William Doering from ACL AXON will present iCTRL Web-enabling your SAP solution for Smart Metering  HCL AXON has recently announced the development of iCTRL, a comprehensive Web Enablement and Smart Meter Application that builds on your SAP billing and CRM system to provide energy information to your customers wherever they are. iCTRL creates a true customer experience, with product/tariff re-pricing and spend to-date, the customer can see the pounds and pence of their energy usage.  It goes where the customer goes - on the web, on their smart phone, on their in-home device, iPhone or iPad.  iCTRL brings the information to the customer in a way that fits their lifestyle.  It enhances the underlying SAP solution to web-enable a greater range of transactions that customers will require as they adopt Smart Energy solutions.  The aim is that iCTRL will truly put the customer in control of their account and energy usage.  At the same time, iCTRL will allow energy companies to rapidly deploy a smart solution for their customers that integrate fully with their SAP billing and CRM systems.HCL AXON has co-developed iCTRL with SAP and has used our participation with the SAP Lighthouse Council including US utilities such as TXU to help drive requirements.  HCL AXON has worked extensively with TXU over the last 2 years in implementing a SAP CM and Billing solution for its 2.7 million customers in the Texas market.In this presentation, we will present iCTRL, its functionality and roll-out plans.  Additionally, we will be seeking input from UK utilities into the development plans and release schedule to ensure that iCTRL meets the needs of the UK market.

This will be followed by a Round the Table discussion, which will be an update on use of AMI functionality in their currently solutions, roadmap presentations and an initial list of requirements for SAP to be considered.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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