Tuesday 12th October 2010 - 9:30am - 9:30am


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This event is being held at Tata Steel Europe, Ashorne, Hill Management College, Warwickshire and is kindly being sponsored by IntelliCorp and Consider Solutions.
Craig Dale from the User Group will discuss User Group influence activities, and explain how you can get involved, including SAP Solution Roadmaps, Customer Engagement Initiative and Support Customer Advisory Council, along with providing an update on this year’s User Group Conference.
Brian Froom & Jack van der Voort from Tata Steel will be delivering a short presentation on who we are, what our current SAP landscape is and what challenges we currently face within TATA Steel.

Dan French from Consider Solutions will be presenting Global GRC Programme at Philip Morris International. Philip Morris International (PMI) is the world’s fourth largest consumer goods company.  Their global compliance initiative deployed Approva Bizrights technology across their global SAP landscape to monitor and remediate user access, configuration and business process controls. The presentation will detail the PMI approach, project plan, achievements and challenges and the technology deployment and integration approach.
Richard Hurst from IntelliCorp will deliver a 1 hour presentation. This presentation will focus on how a large UK tobacco manufacturer use IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare to regularly extract transactional and master data from all of their SAP system's for auditing purposes. Extracting the correct data from multiple SAP systems proved a challenge for this company. Auditors attempted to extract data using standard SAP transactions. For large SAP tables this was virtually impossible. The system would either time out or the auditors would have to try and download the data in chunks and then piece them together before feeding the results into their auditing tool for further analysis. This session will focus on how LiveCompare has eliminated this common problem with data extraction. Auditors can audit rather than spend time trying to extract required data.
Alan Toomey our User Group Chair will present SAP Security Optimisation Service on behalf of SAP.
Alan Toomey will then finish the afternoon with an Audit Questions and Answer Session.

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Tata Steel Europe, Ashorne Hill Management College, Warwickshire

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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