Maximising SAP Support Event

Thursday 21st July 2011 at 9:30am - 9:30am


Event has expired

We are pleased to confirm that we will be holding a Maximising SAP Support Event on Thursday 21st July 2011 at Jury Inn Birmingham Hotel, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HQ.

Fred Rennison from Yorkshire Water will present reflections on Yorkshire Waters involvement with SAP around the adoption and use of Solution Manager to help identify the benefits of Enterprise Support.

Dearbhail Kilgannon from SAP will deliver the session: Customer Interaction Center (CIC). SAP is committed to providing the very best in customer support. A key part of the support infrastructure is the Customer Interaction Center (CIC). The CIC is available 24hrs*7days and provides a central point of contact for all customers. This session aims to highlight the support areas you can benefit from and how the CIC can enable you to have a more effective channel of communication with SAP. 

Matthew Watkins & Paul Fenson from SAP will deliver the session The SAP Support Experience. This session aims to provide the members with an understanding of the tiered portfolio of Support offerings available from SAP. As well as providing an overview of the various SAP Support models, we will focus in on SAP Enterprise Support and its wide scope of services and offerings. We will illustrate how establishing a close relationship with SAP Solution Support ensures that SAP holistically understands your solutions and operations and is able to jointly agree and deliver an action plan and its benefits to improve your operations and safeguard your implementation projects.

Dragan Stanojevic from SAP will present the following 2 sessions:

Part 1: SAP Solution Manager – a collaborative support delivery platform for Customers & SAP. The SAP Solution Manager part of the session aims to provide insights on the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 functionalities with specific  focus on the ‘Technical Solution Management’- the engagement methodology for SAP Enterprise Support..     

Part 2:  How to get ready for efficient Enterprise Support Service delivery.This session aims to explain how to get ready for your Enterprise Support Service delivery with the objective of minimising the time and effort from you or your Partner’s BASIS team, so as to ensure smooth service delivery and a reduction in the time to value of the services

Neil Greathead - Director Customer Experience from AGS Primary Support will present  an AGS - Customer Experience Program. Understand how you actively participate in providing feedback to SAP Support, via various channels; and what changes have been made to your Support Experience already.

Please note the day will also include an SAP Enterprise Support Desk Staffed by the SAP Solution Support UKI Team.

Visit the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Team at the SAP Enterprise Support Desk, where they will provide you with information about Enterprise Support in general or specific areas of Enterprise Support that you may be interested in. Find out the answers to the top FAQs in SAP Support .Also, learn more about  how you can participate in the various empowering activities of SAP Support like the Enterprise Support Open Day  2011 and Enterprise Support Clinics .

At the Maximising SAP Support Event, Stella Connolly and Dearbhail Kilgannon had a CIC desk running. If you did not get chance to visit the desk or you have any further questions please see below contact details regarding info session on 21st July:

[email protected]
[email protected]
Contact the CIC directly via




Event Resources

Customer Interaction Centre - Dearbhail Kilgannon (778.98 KB)
The SAP Support Experience - Matthew Watkins & Paul Fenson (1.48 MB)
Customer Experience - Yorkshire Water - Fred Rennison (137.98 KB)
Part 1 Solution Manager - Dragan Stanojevic (2.69 MB)
Part 2 with Dragan Stanojevic (1.13 MB)
AGS - Customer Experience Program - Neil Greathead (716.12 KB)

Event has expired

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