Application Life-cycle Management SIG (ALM)

Thursday 19th April 2012 - 9:15am - 9:15am

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This is a joint event being held by your UK & Ireland SAP User Group and SAP. Please be aware that SAP are handling the registration process, this means they are screening every delegate before approval.

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For over a quarter of a century organisations in every industry have been developing, customising & reengineering their SAP ERP applications in order to optimise their mission critical business processes and drive maximum efficiency. For many, their work here is done.

Today, a new ‘optimisation agenda’ has emerged fuelled by the challenges associated with pressure on IT budgets, the 365 24/7 ‘always on’ business and the ever increasing reliance on enterprise applications.

The question of how to meet application service level agreements, safely decommission redundant applications, manage upgrades without minimal downtime and eliminate unnecessary costs associated with running & maintaining your SAP estate are now front of mind.

Attend this event and learn how SAP users are addressing these challenges and freeing up resource & budget to enable them to adopt the latest enhancements & innovations.

SAP will present ALM – The ‘New Enterprise Application Agenda’. What is ALM & why is it important? In this thought provoking keynote industry analyst XX talks about how application managers addressed the challenges of ERP in the past and how their priorities are shifting as a result of the increased maturity and tenure of applications in organisations today. He talks, amongst other things, about how other organisations have successfully deployed ALM strategies & how this has freed up resources that have driven innovation.

SAP will also discuss Cutting application portfolio costs & complexity with SAP (The Magic Rings). Accelerating innovation, while reducing risk and total cost of ownership, requires a holistic approach to ALM. In this session we introduce to the different elements of an ALM strategy & provide you with tried and tested best practice to ensure that it delivers on its promise of efficiency, effectiveness and cost reduction.

SAP will give a presentation on System Landscape Optimisation – Strategies for Reducing Costs & Improving Application Performance (The Three Card Trick). As the maturity of your SAP application has developed so has its complexity. It is not uncommon for there to be multiple SAP application & database instances. Find out how SAP System Landscape Optimization (SLO) Services will help to realize business-driven changes on the IT landscape such like corporate restructuring after M&As and Divestitures. This session will also introduce to you how SAP can support you in simplifying your system landscape, DB design and infrastructure to meet the changing demands of your IT budget and get ready for new SAP innovations.

SAP will also present Overcoming the custom code conundrum (The Illusion of Custom Code). Whilst many companies have modified there SAP systems to meet the demands of their business the code can often become difficult and expensive to maintain. It also impedes critical tasks like integration, testing and upgrades. Many businesses are turning to custom code solutions that are fully integrated and supported by SAP to alleviate these issues. In this session we share some of the latest developed packages, tried and tested Industry solutions that give you the flexibility to make changes to your system landscape quickly & easily in the future.

SAP will discuss Managing data over its lifetime: Archiving, decommissioning & test data management (Disappearing Data). Exponential data growth leads to overgrown databases which can impair the performance of mission-critical applications. We uncover the impact that unchecked data growth can have on your business and share experiences from SAP customers about the benefits of implementing an Information Lifecycle Management policy for application data in line with its value to the business.

We discuss the impact of archiving not just on reducing cost and improving application performance, but also as a strategy for predicting storage hardware and database license costs. And we talk about how archiving is connected to better, faster, cheaper test data management.

SAP will present Upgrade to Innovate (The Amazing Change Secret). Many organisations want to complete a technical upgrade and often have the business case to justify it. Irrespective of whether you are planning a full upgrade, installing enhancement packs or completing a database migration a successful upgrade brings with it the benefits of greater efficiency, enhanced performance & new functionality. So why don’t more companies do it? In today’s 365 24/7 ‘always on’ business world taking mission critical systems offline is a ‘no go’.

In this segment we talk about practical steps & proven methodologies that SAP customers have employed to successfully and cost effectively upgrade their application. Share the benefits of these methodologies include de-risking of the project, near zero downtime and significant cost efficiencies.

At the end of the day there is be a Customer Panel (Taking Risk out of the Hat). In this customer panel discussion led by SAP UKI Services Director Guy Armstrong a number of SAP users share their thoughts on how they have overcome many of the challenges  surfaced over the course of the day. Along with the benefits gained you will also hear about some of the challenges SAP users faced and how they were overcome.

To book your place, please follow this link.

Please note that this is a joint event between the UK & Ireland SAP User Group and SAP consulting, this means that all information regarding this event will be shared between the companies.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Event: Application Life-cycle Management SIG (ALM)

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Event: Application Life-cycle Management SIG (ALM)

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