Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) - Upgrading to SAP 6.0

Tuesday 3rd July 2012 - 9:00am - 9:00am

Venue TBC

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Ingo Partey and Stuart McCracken from SAP will discuss Upgrade and Near Zero Downtime – Art of the possible. Many organisations want to complete a technical upgrade and often have the business case to justify it. Irrespective of whether you are planning a full upgrade, installing enhancement packs or completing a database migration a successful upgrade brings with it the benefits of greater efficiency, enhanced performance & new functionality. So why don’t more companies do it? In today’s 365 24/7 ‘always on’ business world taking mission critical systems offline is a ‘no go’.

In this session Ingo and Stuart will talk about the practical steps & proven methodologies that SAP customers have employed to successfully and cost effectively upgrade their application. They will share the benefits of these methodologies include de-risking of the project, near zero downtime and significant cost efficiencies.

Joerg Rudat from SAP, Paul Cooper from Burtons Biscuits & Costa Petrosellini from Pentland Brands will cover SAP Upgrade Now Programme.

Chris Trueman & Richard Hurst from IntelliCorp will present SAP Upgrade Best Practice. SAP version upgrades can often be challenging, given the complexity of the SAP landscape. Introducing a large amount of change poses risk, stretches resources and requires retraining of staff. However, upgrading enables us to get up to date on SAP support. It opens up new functionality, designed to meet demands from the business and enable innovation. Keeping systems up-to-date provides the foundations for improving compliance to legal and security requirements.

The success of an upgrade is dependent on the strategy we take. The SAP upgrade roadmap recommends the activities we undergo at each stage of the upgrade. Each stage brings unique challenges and the way in which we tackle these challenges will impact  the duration of the upgrade and effort required—all factors which affect the bottom line and ROI of the upgrade.

This session focuses on how we can better approach our SAP upgrade and looks at ways to improve our strategy based on each phase of the upgrade journey.

Mike Longden from SAP will present Innovation and Roadmap. Introduction to EhP and what this means to your patching, innovation etc. the road map to 2020.

Andy Lawrence from SAP will discuss How Can Solution Manager Support Your Upgrade? From analysis of system dependencies, usage and upgradability of existing custom code through to managing your complete Upgrade project, SAP Solution Manager can be used to support your SAP Upgrade. This session will explore the range of tools available and show you how these can be applied so that Solution Manager supports your upgrade project from the design and testing through to its smooth transition into live operations:

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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