Comprehensive Solutions for Cost-Effective Data Storage, Integration, and Analysis

Tuesday 13th August 2013 at 4:00pm - 4:00pm


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We are happy to support ASUG in the following webinar:

Simplify your data management by combining your data processes using the analytics edition solution package from SAP.

In this Webcast:

  • See how Stirling Council serves its constituents better with a comprehensive BI solution that can be shared with other councils.
  • Explore the analytics edition of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutons - each packaged for rapid deployment - and how they can solve your data integration, storage, and process problems.
  • Discover how you can analyze volumes of data with superior performance and scalability.
  • Learn to prevent reporting bottlenecks, reducing the risk of non-compliance and eliminating the cost of missed service-level agreements

For further details or to register your place please follow this link.

Event has expired

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