Customer Relationship Management SIG

Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 9:30am - 9:30am

Bedfont Road, TW14 8HD

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John Heald from SAP will discuss SAP CRM Strategy & Roadmap.

Dave Walker from SAP will present Customer Engagement Intelligence.

Akash Winny from SAP will give a session on Hybris Omni Commerce. Running a successful company today is no different now than it ever has been. You need the same two things you've always needed: a product consumers want and the ability to meet their expectations. What's different today. Harder in some ways, is meeting customer expectations. They´re increasing almost to the point at which they're out of control.The reason for this explosion-of-expectations is the growth of touch-points because they have provided customers with the ability to reach out to retailers any time, any place, anywhere and through any device.

Like it or not, today's consumers combine their online and offline lives at will, through whatever touchpoints they find.They know that everything is better if it's connected and what's even better is if they can connect the dots themselves.The influence of networks permeates everything, because it's how we live, these days.If you lose sight of the network, for even an instant, all that opportunity is lost. Don't think about that.
SAP and hybris equips businesses with enhanced data and tools necessary to optimize their customer experience and business across all their touchpoints- solidifying customer loyalty and maximizing profit over the long term.

Think about a happy, fulfilled, omni-commerce, customer.Bottomline: It's all about omni-commerce, meeting customer expectations, anytime, anywhere

A Gavin Davison from SAP will give three 20 minutes session on:

  • Cloud for Sales
  • Cloud for Service
  • Cloud for Social Service

Event Resources

SAP Customer Engagement Roadmap - CRM SIG (10.11 MB)
SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence - CRM SIG (5.60 MB)

Event has expired

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