Training SIG

Thursday 11th September 2014 - 9:00am - 9:00am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

Deepa Bajaj from SAP who will introduce and discuss Design Thinking for Training. The aim of this session is to give you a fresh approach when planning and structuring Training but what is Design Thinking?

DESIGN THINKING is... Bringing together a good approach, with the right people, in the right environment. With Design Thinking it can help and even teach you to unleash the power of people’s creativity, to understand people’s needs and to design the right solution for them.

Value to the People in your Organization

… Employees adopt an innovation Mindset

  • Become more open for change
  • Get more creative thru the methodology

… Teams across Business and IT speak the same language

  • Shorten alignment process on solutions
  • Stronger business & IT alignment
  • Increase of solution quality
  • Decrease of silo thinking

… End-Users look forward to the next change

  • High adoption rate by hitting the user demand
  • Higher motivation to participate in projects and trainings

Jim Parish and Ben Galloni from Assima will discuss When Training is not enough. This will include:

  • The use of SAP and other complex ERP systems can be an ever changing landscape, in terms of both the business process and the use of the system. How can you keep up with all this system change with traditional communication and training methods, especially in areas of the system that are used infrequently?
  • Training End Users for the norm, the everyday transactional and process route is fine and in the main we have this covered!
  • How do we cope with the ever changing world in which we all operate?
  • How do we design and implement training for this ever changing environment, quickly and efficiently?
  • How do we harness the knowledge and experience of our End Users and encourage them to think about how they can support/help themselves/colleagues with exceptions and processes that are not the norm?
  • How do we get our End Users to think about what they need from their systems and processes and how can we get them to think about how they can then influence design for a better world?

Through the development of highly innovative and personally directed in application Performance Support Assima as part of this 45 minute presentation and demonstration will show you how they can help you and your organisation achieve these objectives and create that ‘Better World’ for the people that matter, the people who use their systems.

There will also be an open discussion to find out How do you deliver your training within your organisation? This will be an interactive session to discuss and explore different training practices between all the attendees.

Have one of your customers recently benefited from your products and/or services and think this SIG group would like to hear their story. Please contact [email protected] to find out how to get involved.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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