Application Life-Cycle Management SIG

Wednesday 17th September 2014 - 9:15am - 9:15am

Bedfont Road, TW14 8HD

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Phil Burgess from SAP will present  What is the Value of Running SAP Like A Factory? SAP’s has extensive experience of working with customers to implement efficient SAP operations.  This session focusses on the benefits and business case for automating Operations and provides an overview of how SAP supports you in developing your business case and how SAP Solution Manager capability enables you to realise the value of Running SAP Like A Factory.

Andy Lawrence from SAP will also discuss What is the Value of Managing Change for your Enterprise Solution? In this session, we will show what specific business benefits can be derived from deploying an integrated end-to-end change management process not just for SAP products but for your full Enterprise solution.  You will gain insight into how SAP’s Change Control solution supports you in delivering these benefits to your business overall and how you can measure the value delivered.

Chris Drake and Bhavesh Karavadra from Revelation Software Concepts will discuss Combining the power of the Solution Manager ALM Suite and Certified Third Party Solutions to ensure effective management of high volume SAP software changes. The current practice of delivering major projects or releases every 6 – 12 months has served SAP IT Support business customers well. However, many businesses are becoming frustrated having to wait such long periods for business critical functionality to be implemented and are looking to the support teams to find ways to reduce delivery cycles and deliver functionality faster, if not continuously.

Of course, SAP IT teams are already dealing with reduced resources and increasingly complex SAP landscapes and so how to facilitate reduced delivery cycles in this context is a challenge. This session is designed to inform attendees of the range of SAP Solution ALM alternatives available and how an effective Solution Manager integration strategy can help.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • Where current third party ALM solutions fit into the SAP ALM Tools landscape
  • Benefits and challenges associated with integrating some or all with SAP Solution Manager
  • How the effective integration of ALM tools, whether a combination of Solution Manager tools or third party tools, can deliver reliable, high volumes of change continuously

A key takeaway is a full list of clues as to which SAP ALM Third Party Solutions to use and under what circumstances.

Gary Marshall from SAP will give a presentation on What is the Value of E2E Root Cause Analysis & Guided Procedures. Incident resolution time and adherence to SLAs are key drivers in Operational efficiency.
RCA toolsets allow you to look across your E2E Enterprise solution, and will provide significant savings in time and effort for root cause determination. However, time and effort is required to adapt your IT skills and working practices to adopt new tools.  Any project to do this must have clear goals and benefits, not just for IT but for your business overall.

This session will clearly show the value & key benefits that can be derived from changing your working practices and how this can be measured. It will also show how the Solution Manager platform enables you to improve the day-to-day management of your solution operations and deliver benefits to both IT and your business.

Andy Lawrence, Phil Burgess & Gary Marshall from SAP will lead a SAP UKI Solution Manager Clinics - Ask the Expert Sessions. Change Request Management, System Monitoring, Issue Management, Service Desk, Diagnostics, Business Process Monitoring

In the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing, the afternoon session will provide an opportunity to share how you are using or intending to utilise Solution Manager with other attendees and exerts.

We would really like some members to volunteer to talk about how they are using Solution Manager and the lessons they have learned. All we need is for you to talk for a few minutes and may be taking a couple of questions. (NO presentations required)

Remember it’s your input that really brings the subjects to life, so please help out and share your experience!!

This will be followed by an “ask the experts” session, during which our gathered experts will tackle a number of pre-submitted questions relevant to Solution Manager. Please submit your questions by Wednesday 10th September to [email protected]

Event Location

SAP Clockhouse Place, near Heathrow, Bedfont Road, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 8HD

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Event: Application Life-Cycle Management SIG

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Event: Application Life-Cycle Management SIG

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Event: Application Life-Cycle Management SIG

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Event: Application Life-Cycle Management SIG

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