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​The Business Intelligence SIG provides opportunities to network, share knowledge and receive independent views and has a strong following of like-minded professionals. We provide a forum for the discussion, and exchange of ideas, relating to the use of SAP BI. Members have an opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of SAP by learning from the experiences of others, making new conne3ctions and tapping into industry insight and knowledge.

All of our BI SIGs use a combination of approach covering the ever emerging breadth of scope within SAP BI.

  1. SAP Insight and Roadmap – Using our strong links to SAP and other affiliated vendors to share knowledge about the SAP BI production road map, new functionalities, and customer use cases. Sessions in this space are a great way to understand where the products are heading, what others are doing and keep abreast of the changes ahead.
  2. Open discussions – Each of our sessions are open for our members to contribute with thoughts on the topics in question and or sharing problems and opportunities. This offers our members a great way to tap into the experience of the SIG to help them in taking their thoughts forward…
  3. Related Presentations – We are always looking to have speakers from within the SIG membership group; sharing real life experience with the BI projects and activities they are involved with. These session have always proven very popular giving other members a great way to see the real life application and learnings play out.
  4. Contribution and Planning - Members also have an opportunity to jointly raise development requests to influence certain SAP functionality and future SIG topic areas. The SIG offers members a great forums to raise their ideas and or make suggestion for future speakers, topics and events.

In addition to the face-to-face SIG forums we also use webinars to help share and have access to the SIG SAP JAM platform for collaboration across the wider community.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to our group and hope this SIG would provide a platform for your growth in SAP BI!

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Customer Connection

Customer Connection Program is directed at incrementally enhancing and improving the products and solutions you are using today.

We collect and submit improvement requests in jointly defined Focus Topics, which are typically delivered through support notes or support packages.

Customer Connection

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Take a look through our resources and file library where you can find previous presentations, some useful links, FAQs, documentation.

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