Business Process Symposium

Making the most of the initial investment in SAP and achieving the optimum benefit from the system requires identifying and closing the process design and end user training gaps.

With SAP closing these gaps tends to be a never ending journey as organisations strive to optimise their business processes. Our Business Process Symposium brings together the Finance and Supply Chain SIGs to provide one invaluable event for users of SAP ERP software.

In addition to the knowledge rich plenary sessions there are a number of excellent networking opportunities and we run up to sixteen different sessions in our breakout programme. If you would like to learn and network with other SAP customers and experts alike, ensuring you make new connections, benefitting both you and your organisation then you need to attend this symposium.

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Customer Connection

Customer Connection Program is directed at incrementally enhancing and improving the products and solutions you are using today.

We collect and submit improvement requests in jointly defined Focus Topics, which are typically delivered through support notes or support packages.

Customer Connection

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