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The Concur Special Interest Group offers an opportunity for the users of Concur, from a variety of organisations with different levels of maturity in their Concur ‘journey’, to come together to increase their value from the deployment of Concur.
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We typically have a range of users at our meetings, from those just starting the implementation through to those that are already live: from UK to Global organisations, plus SAP Concur also usually have representation at the meetings.

A typical SIG meeting would contain:

  • Concur Roadmap and future functionality
  • User Experience
  • Specialist presentation, either from SAP or a third-party

The SIG is also one of the few ways that development requests and new functionality requests can be channeled to SAP.

But what is more important than the topics is the opportunity to network with your peers and share knowledge and best practices with other Concur users.

Rolling out SAP Concur – Infographic

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