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​The group exists as a forum for members to share their common interests and to foster collaboration across the sector. Members have a broad interest across the whole SAP landscape as well as more specialist HE&R products. We see SIGS as an opportunity to network and collaborate and share experiences and look for opportunities to work together. We have common interests and are able to work with our partners and SAP on sector wide initiatives. Recently the HERSIG has organised showcases for SuccessFactors and S/4 with a focus on their use in Higher Education. Looking forward we want to ensure we maximise our cross institutional links to understand everything SAP offers the sector, create a support and learning network between institutions and understand
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This year in 2019 we want to bring more community back to HERSIG.

As such, we want to develop the following:

  • A shared understanding of how the Higher Education community is using SAP’s tools.
  • A shared understanding of what SAP’s tools can do for the Higher Education community.
  • A shared understanding of how Higher Education organisations have organised themselves to face the challenges, and reap the benefits of using SAP’s tools.
  • A self-help network for supporting each other’s current challenges and aspirations to do more regarding all of the above.

So how do we do this?

  • The Model University:
    • A description of how a “University” could sensibly maximise their use of SAP’s tools and how they relate to the various business activities of a “University”
    • A framework to compare your institution’s use of SAP’s tools vs the model, and understand the gaps
    • A definition of the gaps in SAP’s toolset, actual or practical
  • Information Sharing:
    • Who is using what SAP tools, along with how, why and lessons learned
    • What our business processes look like and how they interact with SAP
    • Specific issues, concerns or queries
    • Tender approaches, specification documents
    • Conduit for site visits
    • Success and best practise sharing
    • Agenda setting for HERSIG
  • The HERSIG Support Network:
    • A contacts network with relevant areas of expertise
    • A self-help forum
    • A reality check in the face of sales people

What we are not:

  • A replacement for the other SIGs.
    • For the general payroll, FICO, SuccessFactors, S/4, C/4, etc info there are dedicated SIG’s that can give you all the info you need.
    • Where HERSIG comes in is doing these things in HE
  • A place to share institutionally confidential information.
    • We want to share, but it will be up to you to know where to draw the line
  • A place to share your institutions protected personal information (GDPR)

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