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The Irish HR & Payroll SIG is striving for excellence on the Irish payroll product. We are about working with SAP to design a fluent operation payroll product.

The Irish HR & Payroll Special Interest Group (SIG) is one of only 2 SIG’s for Irish customers. It was set up due to the degree of complexity in processing payrolls, and the high rate of system modifications that are required, typically, to ensure compliance with constantly changing legal and statutory requirements. Given this scenario, regular, on-going communication between SAP and users is particularly important and is the prime function of the Payroll SIG.

The SIG’s ensures Irish customers are up to date with all budget changes as well as knowing new functionality that is available to them as a result of either change requests or new SAP functionality.

SIG meetings are the focal point of the group and are normally held three or four times per year. Attendees are a mixture of payroll practitioners and payroll support members.

We also have a member of the SAP Payroll product team in attendance to cover relevant issues and new functionality.

Key agenda items include:

  • Development Updates from SAP - This covers information about solution design, implications, implementation timescales, and version applicability. Often, the group are requested to comment on design option preferences. For larger projects, members may be requested to volunteer as pilot companies and, as such, become involved in pre-release testing.
  • Development Requests - The SIG chair now has the ability to create development requests which can bring new SAP functionality as standard. Requests supported by the group are considered more favourably by SAP compared with those made by individual companies. During the meetings, new requests and progress towards the completion of existing requests are shared with the group.
  • Presentations - Other specialist topic presentations from SAP or other partners are included on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Discussion Forum - We use this section of the website to raise issues. This in turn is sent to all signed up members which is a great way to find out if others are experiencing similar issues and have found resolutions.

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