Maintenance & Service Management

The Maintenance and Service Management SIG aims to provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with fellow users and provide an insight into the SAP's future strategy and direction for Maintenance Management (PM / SM / CS Modules / Asset Management).
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1. Typical SIG Topics

  • Implementation and application of SAP's Maintenance Management solution.
  • Integration with other SAP modules or applications.
  • SAP sharing associated areas of interest such as User Interface, Reporting etc
  • Best practice and experience within the member community
  • Partner developments applicable to SAP's Maintenance Management solution.

  • 2. Open Discussions

    Each of our sessions are open for user group members to contribute with thoughts on the topics in question and or sharing problems and opportunities. This offers user group members a great way to tap into the experience of the SIG to help them in taking their thoughts forward.

    3. Networking Opportunities

    Face to face with other members and SAP experts to discuss areas of interest, such as User Interface, Reporting etc; best practice and experiences.

    4. SAP Insight and Roadmap

    Using the User Groups strong links to SAP and other affiliated vendors to share knowledge about the SAP Maintenance Management road map, new functionalities and customer use cases.

    5. Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI)

    Members also have an opportunity to jointly raise development requests to influence certain SAP functionality.

    The SIG offers members a great forum to raise their ideas and or make suggestion for future speakers, topics and events and have speakers from within the SIG membership group; sharing real life experience and activities they are involved with.

    The Target Audience

    A wide range of individuals within member companies who have already implemented or are considering implementing SAP's Maintenance Management (PM / SM / CS Modules / Asset Management) such as;

  • End / Power users;
  • Maintenance or Service Managers;
  • Business Analysts; and
  • SAP Consultants in member companies.
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