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The SAP Real Estate community in the UK is relatively small and, until the formation of this group, has felt isolated. This group was formed in 2014 and is the best place to meet your peers, find out what’s new from SAP in the Real Estate world, and influence future product direction.

This SIG is for Potential and existing users of SAP Real Estate.

Typical Topics covered:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Tips and Tricks
  • New functionality
  • User experiences and presentations.

Why attend a SIG?

Real Estate Resources

Customer Connection

Customer Connection Program is directed at incrementally enhancing and improving the products and solutions you are using today.

We collect and submit improvement requests in jointly defined Focus Topics, which are typically delivered through support notes or support packages.

Customer Connection

Resources & File Library

Take a look through our resources and file library where you can find previous presentations, some useful links, FAQs, documentation.

Files and resources in our file library related to Real Estate are exclusive to our members. You'll need to login to view and download these.

Resources & File Library


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