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The Training and Change Management SIG attracts and brings together those who train trainers, train end users and those who have an interest in or are new to training, to showcase and discuss different training ideologies, methods and tools. It is also for those involved in managing change, concentrating on the impact of change to the users.

We try to include customer stories (please volunteer yours), have product demonstrations either by users or suppliers, and have updates from SAP Education. At recent events we’ve also had presentations from Learning Technologists and Change Managers. The SIG also includes ample opportunity for face to face networking.

Attending the SIG will give insights into SAP Education developments, training software, customer change and training methodologies. There is also lots of opportunities for you to influence the agendas.

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Customer Connection

Customer Connection Program is directed at incrementally enhancing and improving the products and solutions you are using today.

We collect and submit improvement requests in jointly defined Focus Topics, which are typically delivered through support notes or support packages.

Customer Connection

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