AgilityWorks Limited

Company Profile:

AgilityWorks is a disruptive solutions and services company. We transform clients into digital enterprises by redefining customer engagement models and associated operating models. We enable this through creative application of integrated mobile, big data and cloud solutions.

Unlike so many other digital providers our company has spent its former years embedded in the complex enterprise applications market. We understand the real-life challenges faced by major organisations in delivering highly scalable, integrated, trusted capabilities. We have brought together this experience with digital natives that relate best to the next generation of consumer orientated, business practices; and we have developed industrialised processes for moving our clients towards their digital enterprise vision.

Company Benefits:

 1. We have a 100% proven record of delivering high quality innovative solutions with some of the world's largest organizations. 2. Backed by user centric creative design thinking, we believe in a meaningful user experience. 3. Synergy of digital natives with experienced industry experts to create scalable enterprise solutions. 4. Through our innovation council we invest our own capital in breakthrough initiatives for the benefit of our customers. 5. Backed by motivational forward thinking industry leaders and trend setters.

Our User Group Community

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Join us next month for our #Testing (ADLM) SIG! The day will include discussions around hybrid testing of on-premi……