Bluestonex Consulting

Company Profile:

BluestoneX was formed in Shropshire, England in 2012 and brings together a new & specialised consulting approach with skills in SAP software, business process, SAP User Experience/Design and Simplifying SAP technologies. Our consulting business serves 3 areas (Influence SAP, Simplification of SAP and Run SAP).

Our services:

1. Influence SAP - Strategic and Advisory, Change Management & Value Case Management.

2. Simplify SAP. Our User Experience (UX) services covers advisory & strategy to deployment of SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas. We have SAP innovation consultants working on applications that add value to core SAP which are trialled and then purchased via the SAP store. We offer sun setting of legacy systems (SAP and Non SAP) to reduce complexity of your environment as well as running our SAP clinics which can take a deep dive into technical issues (DB & Landscape), configuration or simply process bottlenecks.

3. Run SAP. We will engage with our team of certified UK SAP consultants to run ERP implementations/Projects and also have a managed services operation desk (in UK)

Company Benefits:

 Our partnership with the user group will bring a pragmatic approach to SAP consulting. We emphasise the use of strong value/business cases, sweating the SAP assets as much as possible and creating value through simplification and adoption of UX technologies. Every client will appreciate the approach especially when we explore tangible benefit cases around projects and our UX approach and our innovative products & services. Members will get first hand opportunity to experience UX tools and gives them direct access to our valuable consulting practice. We also provide free workshops and day clinics which surely can benefit SAP user community

Our User Group Community

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