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Company Profile:

Certero is a leader in the development, delivery and enablement of enterprise-level solutions which help customers maximise the value they get from their IT investments, thereby driving transformation and organizational advantage. Founded in 2007, fully independent and with a track record of continuous growth, Certero’s UK headquarters and hubs in Europe, North America and APAC support hundreds of large and small public sector and corporate customers across the globe. With core expertise in all elements of IT hardware & software asset management (from desktop to datacentre and across Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux platforms), Certero’s innovative, highly-automated, leading-edge solutions and services help organizations manage their software expenditure, minimize costs and streamline the entire software lifecycle. By utilizing specific licensing optimization solutions covering key vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, IBM and SAP, we have helped save our customers literally millions of dollars. Besides ITAM and SAM, we have also developed point solutions covering mobile device management, PC power management, self-service password management and self-service application requisition/deployment, all aimed at enhancing user experience, improving convenience, reducing manual intervention and saving time and cost. Certero’s best of breed, genuinely free from legacy, solutions run on the Certero Platform, meaning they can operate individually or alongside other Certero solutions; but crucially, together they perform optimally and holistically as one single solution: truly unique. This delivers one common data source, underpinned by a comprehensive business intelligence and reporting engine, giving users and decision makers the ability to cut and dice a vast array of highly granular data which in turn facilitates improved planning, management and control. A common user interface also removes the need for multiple ongoing training expense and disruption. Through a combination of the highest levels of professionalism, skills and experience, coupled with an on-going commitment to quality and customer service excellence, it’s our people, process and technology which sets us apart. At Certero we believe real-life customer experience and a 100% satisfaction rating speak far louder than marketing hype. Time and again we are proud to hear that ‘with Certero it’s just a better experience…’

Company Benefits:

 Certero is your one-stop-shop for managing your SAP licensing. No one else offers the same depth and breadth across solutions, technology and services. World-class technology: AssetStudio for SAP Applications will ensure your organization is optimally positioned to enjoy all the benefits of an advanced SAM program: • Easy-to-use, highly automated, lets you proactively manage your SAP estate and optimize usage. • Removes complexity and reduces manual effort required to assess the license position, by performing a deeper and more relevant analysis of your deployed SAP systems. • Rules-driven, rich-data approach eliminates those tasks which previously had to be carried out by SAP licensing consultants. • No threat of disruption to your business-critical operations. • Three increasingly refined ELPs ensures the highest level of optimization. As changes are made you are able to instantly see the impact and demonstrate the value of using the technology. • Parameter driven BI reporting transforms all your raw data into useful knowledge, allowing you to manage all your software assets across your entire IT estate efficiently, effectively and dynamically. • Remove the mystery and complexity of SAP licensing, putting you in control, optimizing utilization, minimizing cost and assuring compliance. • All Certero’s SAM solutions are designed to run either independently or together holistically and optimally on the Certero Platform. This means you have the benefit of a common database and user experience is consistent throughout the platform. Administrators can reach operational competency quickly and with minimal training overhead, whilst on-going support is simplified and overall costs reduced. • With Certero in your corner, you’ll never lose an argument with SAP again. World-class Services: applying industry best-practice and conforming to ISO and ITIL standards to deliver a comprehensive range of services, from one-off projects to full managed service. Certero services are only ever delivered by Certero people using Certero Technology. • SAM Managed Service. Delivering all the benefits of software asset management whatever your circumstances. • Software Recognition/Normalization. Transforming complex data into simple licensable product information. • Effective Licensing Position & Licensing Optimization. Ensure you’re correctly licensed and only paying for what you need. • Vendor Audit Response. Help is at hand to minimize the impact. • SAM Maturity Assessment. A quick, easy and cost-effective point-in-time review of the maturity level of your organization with important recommendations on how to improve your position. • Discovery & Inventory Service: Full end-to-end visibility of all assets, across all platforms and all locations. • Advisory & Due Diligence: Helping you make the right business and IT decisions, saving you time and minimizing risk. • Educational Services: Quick and effective training and knowledge transfer from the experts.

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