Company Profile:

CyberSafe is totally focused on helping SAP customers significantly reduce their costs, improving users’ authentication experience and productivity, making the SAP systems more secure and assisting with regulatory compliance, all using their market leading TrustBroker products and their breadth of security technology knowledge and experience. The company was founded in 1991 and is the original commercial provider of Kerberos-based security solutions, now with over 25 years’ experience. The TrustBroker products have a very quick ROI, and are mostly used for secure single sign-on (SSO), secure multiple sign-on (MSO), or strong user authentication including two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). The method used to authenticate the user can be determined based on a configurable authentication policy on each SAP application server. For example, a user can be forced to use 2FA if they are logging onto a SAP system that they have administrative access to (determined using their SAP role assignment). The same user might be allowed to logon to a different SAP system where they don’t have administrative access, using SSO. It is not necessary to implement or manage any additional infrastructure, and your existing Active Directory infrastructure is fully utilised, so a user only needs their Active Directory password, and SAP passwords are not needed anymore. You can also implement identity persistence for multi-tier application architectures, and have the flexibility to logon to SAP business applications – whether on-premise or in a cloud, and from a user’s personal workstation, shared workstations, or mobile devices.

Company Benefits:

 UKI UG members can benefit from the wide range of experience on offer from the technical team at CyberSafe. They are always on hand to help with any SAP security or user authentication issues, and can answer your questions on this topic. Sometimes they might recommend a solution that doesn’t involve using the CyberSafe TrustBroker products, but mostly they will be able to offer a solution using a TrustBroker product if your needs relate to improving SAP system security and/or user authentication. When you are ready, you can start a free TrustBroker product evaluation or proof-of-concept, and CyberSafe will provide you with full support during this period whilst you confirm that the products meet your needs, and before you decide to purchase the products. CyberSafe provide you with all the help and support you need, but do not sell this to you – it is included for free. You do not need to budget for any professional services when you buy the TrustBroker products from CyberSafe. All UKI UG members will get a 10% discount, in addition to any other discounts that might be available when asking for pricing details.

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