Company Profile:

Connect an agile workforce to vital employee documentation with Epay - a secure multi-channel employee communications service - which seamlessly integrates into existing systems to securely produce employee communications which are accessible online in minutes or printed and mailed within hours.

It enables payroll, pension, reward & HR departments to distribute minute-critical employee documents, through a cost effective SaaS in 2% of the time, while achieving a ROI in as little as 3 months.

Company Benefits:

 Security - Our UK production and technology centre is ISO27001accredited and the data we process is encrypted to banking standards. We ensure all data is processed and hosted in the UK and maintain the strictest standards from data in transit, through to files in production and those being stored physically or online. Rapid ROI - We have helped previous customers achieve a return-on-investment in just three months. Keep current software - Employee data in legacy software systems are often fragmented with limited scope for change and lengthy implementation and ROI for change projects. Also employee data from multiple software systems can be difficult to consolidate and control internally. We can take data from multiple software systems and present it through one system to employees, meaning no money or time needed by legacy software providers to integrate a new multi-channel service. Quick project implementation - Legacy software systems can struggle to provide a true multi-channel service without lengthy project implementation timescales and can often mean interruption of current service. We can deliver a multi-channel service in months not years, without capital investment. Reduced workloads - It takes 3-5 minutes to produce each employee document. We present current and historical payslips, P60s and other employee documents in one place online and print for those who opt for paper, so companies have nothing to print or mail onsite Support - We understand multichannel projects can be a big decision for companies and we offer support at every stage of the process, including marketing support to help communicate the change to employees.

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