ERP Maestro, Inc.

Company Profile:

ERP Maestro is the leading cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that automates controls for access to SAP. We enable simple, complete and accurate control over access risks - reducing the burden of financial and access audits using cutting-edge technology, best practices and deep expertise. The company was founded in 2013 to revolutionize risk technology, making it simple for any company to detect, remediate and prevent access risk. Several of the largest audit firms in the world use ERP Maestro for their own SAP client audits and recommend the tool as a continuous way to monitor access risks.

Company Benefits:

 Detecting and controlling segregation of duties conflicts, in particular, is often a significant pain point for many SAP clients. This is made much easier with our best-in-class, audit-ready intuitive reporting that can be understood and used both by technical staff and business process owners. In addition, our automated workflows for emergency access and provisioning of new roles and users in SAP save IT teams a tremendous amount of time while ensuring compliance. For executives, the risk exposure can be drastically decreased - pleasing external auditors and avoiding any embarrassing blemishes for public companies. Finally, because ERP Maestro is cloud-based, implementation time is practically non-existent and there is no need for a consultant.

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