Grey Monarch Limited

Company Profile:

Grey Monarch are a certified SAP Partner specialising in SAP Process Automation Software and Services including; • SAP Security Segregation of Duties Continuous Monitoring and Controls • SAP Security Cleansing and Re-engineering • SAP Self Service Password Reset • SAP Licence Optimization and Audit • Employee Lifecycle Automation - Starter, Mover, Leaver Proceses • SAP Background Scheduling and Managed File Transfer • SAP Business Process Automation • SAP Basis Automated Healthchecks and Trending

Company Benefits:

  SAP Security: Automated cleansing of SAP users, roles and segregation of duties. Continuous monitoring and controls of all aspects of the SAP security mechanism including high risk access, sensitive usage, and potential fraud detection. ProfileTailor™ Dynamics is available on-premise or as a cloud service. SAP Licence Optimization and Audit: Automated analysis of your SAP Licence Asset to ensure maximum optimization of your licence classifications according to each users actual usage. ProfileTailor™ LicenceAuditor is available on-premise or as a cloud service. We can also fully automate many aspects of the Employee Lifecycle (Starter, Mover, Leaver Processes) ; auto provisioning users and roles in SAP, Active Directory etc., auto detection of employee movement and re-provisioning of their security. Automating the leaver processes. We are experts in SAP Business Process Automation and can provide consultancy to deliver all manner of background process automation including fully secure managed file transfer. We can also automate the daily Basis healthcheck processes and provide longterm SAP trending analysis and predictive maintenance of SAP systems.

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