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Company Profile:

ITC Infotech’s SAP Practice, with strong capabilities in SAP Consulting and Application Management Services, is well suited to be the partner of choice for Strategic IT Needs. ITC Infotech is recognized for its best-in-class competency in SAP services by prominent global industry and analyst forums including Forrester. ITC Infotech is a leading provider of cutting edge SAP Solutions helping clients leverage technologies such as HANA, Mobility, IoT and Analytics. As a Partner Edge partner, ITC Infotech co-innovates with SAP in key business areas including Supply Chain – Supply Chain Performance Management, in developing Mobility apps on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and in developing IoT solutions for different business requirements. Industry expertise, technical depth and commitment to completing projects successfully enables our 1000 SAP consultants to deliver significant value across the lifecycle of SAP solutions for global customers.

Company Benefits:

 ITC Infotech can share the following key experience to the user group members: - ITC Infotech is a PartnerEdge Partner of SAP and a ramp up partner of SAP for new releases SCPM, IBP and Mobility. ITC Infotech's partnership with SAP has enabled us to build distinctive and functional competencies that can deliver unique competitive advantages to our customers by enabling it to achieve continuous business improvements. - We have been providing SAP consulting services to the world’s leading corporations for over one and half decades and have more than 100 global clients across industry verticals. The company applies its experience of managing large enterprise implementation projects and ITIL Framework based support methodology to execute the projects and operations in a systematic and orderly manner, enabling high quality, timely and efficient execution. - ITC Infotech’s SAP Practice is also involved in the factory-type operations mode for service delivery. In order to allow factory-type operations leveraging repeatability, scale and productivity optimization techniques, we have standardized the services delivered, through a service catalogue specifying the services delivered by the factory. - One of the unique selling points of ITC Infotech’s SAP Practice is that we help customers to reduce their non-discretionary spend on SAP Application Support by moving away from T&M and FTE based pricing to output based pricing like ticket, unit of work coupled with SLA based rewards and penalties, where in customers can reduce their and de-risk their business operations.

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