Company Profile:

ITESOFT is a software vendor that specialises in the digitalisation and automation of financial processes.

Our SCPA (Secure Capture and Process Automation) platform supports our clients in their digital transformation projects and journeys. Leveraging the latest in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data best practices, our products are designed to deliver the highest rates of capture, throughput and protection to our clients.

SCPA is developed on 3 pillars:

  • Omnichannel capture, ensuring that information from any source, in any format is captured without manual intervention.
  • Process Automation, allowing organisations to effectively and securely flow information around the organisation for approval, governance and productivity.
  • Fraud Detection, tools designed to provide security and protection from the moment that an invoice is received, significantly reducing risk and cost to business.

Using these 3 pillars, ITESOFT can:

  • Capture and STP (Straight Through Process) 100% of supplier invoices.
  • Process more than 60,000 invoices per FTE (Full Time Equivalent).
  • Save organisations upwards of 2% of their total supplier spend through fraud risk reduction.

The core product within the SCPA platform is Streamline for Invoices , a unique, record breaking, product leveraging the latest in as-a-service technology – CAAS (Capture As A Service). Read more about this ground breaking solution here.

ITESOFT was founded in 1984, and has been listed on the Euronext, Paris since February 2001. The business has offices in The United Kingdom, France, USA, Canada and Germany.

ITESOFT has more than 650 clients across 35 countries processing more than 1 billion documents per year.

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