Lemongrass Consulting

Company Profile:

At Lemongrass we enable SAP centric organisations to transform the workplace through Mobile and Cloud. We enable you to improve your business adoption and performance, increase your deployment agility and predictability, reduce your IT cost and rapidly gain deep insight and capability in leadeing technology solutions. We enable the deployment of SAP on Cloud Infrastruture-as-a-Service and your SAP on Mobile Software-as-a-Service. We either build and run it for you or build and transition it to you.

Company Benefits:

 1. Improve business adoption and performance through SAP on Cloud and SAP on Mobile 2. Increase deployment agility & predictability through deployment on Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Mobile Software-as-a-Service 3. Reduce IT Project and Operational Cost through speed, agility and As-a-Service deployment 4. Gain insight and capablity in leading Cloud technologies from AWS and Microsoft, and leading Mobile technologies from Movilizer and Microsoft.

Our User Group Community

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Join us next month for our #Testing (ADLM) SIG! The day will include discussions around hybrid testing of on-premi… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…