On Device Solutions

Company Profile:

"On Device" helps companies choose the right technology, design the right solution, and deliver it at the right price. We strongly believe that IT should be seen as a means to achieve business objectives and goals rather than a goal in itself. We are an SAP Partner and specialise in IT solutions based on SAP Mobile technologies. Our mission statement is to deliver the right technology, designed in the right way, at the right price. Right Technology -We help our clients cut through the technical and marketing maze to choose the right technology for their specific business needs. Our neutral approach to technology selection ensures that we work in interest of our clients. We use our technical expertise and experience to help our clients to shorten their technology selection process. Right Design - We think that although technology is based on science, it is more of an art to design it in the right way. We use a combination of best practice and innovation to make sure that the proposed technology is designed in the right way for our customer needs. Although, we consider a variety of parameters while designing our solutions, we put extra emphasis on simplicity. Right Price - In these times of globalisation and increasing competition, the focus on cost is greater than ever. We use right mix of onshore/offshore delivery to optimise the cost without compromising quality.

Company Benefits:

 1. Provide insight into Industry Trends related to Mobility 2. Share case studies involving SAP Mobility technologies 3. Provide high level guidance on SAP tooling for Mobility and appropriate use 4. Help come up with a Mobility Strategy 5. Architect and Deliver SAP Mobility Projects

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