Proceed Holdings Ltd

Company Profile:

Serving businesses in Europe, including the UK, and in North America, Proceed have for over a decade delivered SAP Data & Document Management solutions to the SAP community. Proceed has a team of unrivalled expertise in delivering the best solutions for the management of data and documents for clients in all business environments. Proceed avoids the 'one size fits all' approach, understanding through years of experience that each company needs are unique, so services are designed to meet these individual needs, ensuring each project is a success. Proceeds' services are aimed at helping SAP customers to streamline their information, improving system and business performance, boosting productivity, the total cost of ownership is lowered and a high return on investment is delivered to our clients consistently. Proceed Services include: . RightSizing for SAP HANA . Data & Document Archiving for SAP . SAP Archiving Managed Service . SAP Document Management . SAP ILM Decommissioning and Data Retention Management . Decommissioning Factory Proceeds' clients include many industry sectors, for example; pharmaceuticals, banking, logistics, FMCG and manufacturing helping these companies to save many millions of pounds on their IT budget. Providing a comprehensive and high quality service for each client Proceed partner with experienced and knowledgeable partners to ensure this is achieved.

Company Benefits:

 Comprehensive and High Quality Service Reduction in TCO Controlling Data and information growth across SAP Landscapes System & Business performance improved Comprehensive SAP Data & Document Management Services Reducing HANA Project costs through RightSizing HANA Services for Business Suite & BW Complimentary SAP Data Assessments for Business Suite & BW for HANA and Business Suite & BW

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