RED SAP Solutions

Company Profile:

RED is the largest global staffing agency 100% focused on clients whose business-critical systems include SAP. For more than 18 years we have been helping our clients find and secure the very best SAP talent, services and solutions available in the market. We have 7 offices around the world and have more than 200 professionals aligned with the regions in which we work to ensure cultural, language and local knowledge are used to secure our clients the quality of service they need to get the most from their investment in SAP.

Company Benefits:

 Through our focus on SAP, all of our staff understand the full SAP lifecycle from purchase through to ongoing day to day SAP support activities. With a database of over 300,000 direct SAP contacts and an extended reach of up to 1.2 million SAP professionals globally through our LinkedIn development partnership, RED has access to the candidates that are hardest to find. RED´s portfolio of SAP recruitment services is unsurpassed. From providing individuals with a specific SAP skillset and supporting your ongoing use of SAP to building a strategy to encompass the latest SAP and other technologies. RED has the global reach and the experienced personnel to ensure a precision targeting of SAP resources to meet your exacting requirements.

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