Revelation Software Concepts Pty Ltd

Company Profile:

Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) is a recognized leader in the field of SAP change control automation. As one of the first to anticipate automation as a key future issue RSC has delivered one software innovation after another to meet the growing complexities of managing SAP change simply and cost effectively. The company’s SAP change control automation software and ALM tool set integrations have been proven to significantly lower the costs of managing and delivering SAP software changes, no matter the ALM and DevOps methodology employed, making RSC a trusted partner for teams running even the largest and most complex of SAP IT infrastructures.

Company Benefits:

 Automation Manage increasing volumes of transports at a faster rate and at a lower cost. Transparency Facilitate a DevOps culture and enable ‘safe’ enterprise agile development. Control Guaranteed high level governance for every development with granular control. Flexibility Design, implement, change, modify and enforce your own unique change control processes. Simplicity Manage issues by exception, user activity is prompt based, intuitive and the process is automatic.

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