Company Profile:

Based in Norway and serving a global customer base, Safran offers world-class software, experience and know-how to enable businesses to plan and execute very complex projects successfully, with a particular focus on risk management. With a twenty five year legacy Safran serves all asset intensive sectors such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defence, Utilities, Engineering & Construction. Our products include the world leading Safran Project scheduling application, supporting tools for progress updating and reporting, and a new and exciting application called Safran Risk - rapidly becoming the world leader for combined cost and schedule risk analytics.

SAP integration is a key component, allowing Safran Project and Safran Risk to work in complete harmony with SAP and so add that extra level of complex project and resource management needed for complex user cases.A particular example is the use of Safran Project to manage complex production schedules for a Submarine manufacturer in the Defence sector, where scope changes need to be managed against scarce production resources quickly, the impact of all options being clearly measured against the impact of cost and schedule risk.

At Safran we are committed to working flexibly to adapt our solutions directly to the needs of our customers and so to help them to unlock the full benefit of their current SAP investment. Safran welcomes new customers to come and discuss their unique requirements.

Company Benefits:

 Safran applications provide a level of complex project and risk management that complements SAP and integrates seamlessly to provide an ability to optimise use of scarce resources. Complex project data including WBSs structures, multiple project links, and resource assignments can be passed to Safran to risk adjust and optimise. 'What If' questions and alternative scenarios can quickly be built, and the final target schedule passed easily back to SAP for execution and for Supply Chain engagement. This complete offer protects and enhances the investment already made in SAP for all committed SAP users.

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