Rocket Consulting Ltd

Company Profile:

Rocket Consulting specialises in the design and implementation of real-time connected businesses built on and around SAP.

Supply chain and business operations connected in real-time enables organisations to leverage intelligence over a range of business critical activities instantaneously. Adopting a real-time business approach can provide companies with accelerated decision-making and planning, enhanced quality and heightened service provision.

With over a decade of proven success, we are able to demonstrate growth, efficiency, improved service and pioneering ways of working for operationally intensive, product & asset-centric businesses.

Company Benefits:

 With an unparalleled blend of skillsets you wouldn’t normally get from a SAP consultancy, Rocket understand SAP solutions very well and by transforming customer requirements into the implementation of new solutions Rocket is able to work with organisations and help them understand how they can adopt new technologies for an efficient digital supply chain. We recognise innovation isn’t always straightforward and we support organisations with our blend of creativity, flexibility, guidance and talent. We also work closely with new technologies like voice, machine learning and predictive analytics and can feed this into the melting pot of business intelligence. We can work with you and start looking at your existing supply chain and the operational technology and information technology that support it. We can then understand where your technologies need to be brought into closer alignment, whether that’s inside your warehouse, your organisation, or your suppliers. Then we can design and implement a way to boost fulfilment visibility, track goods, and work in real-time, using systems like SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM), SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) and SAP Track & Trace.

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