Snow Software Ltd

Company Profile:

With more than 200 staff across 14 regional locations, 3 development centers and local support teams in 7 territories, Snow is the largest and most successfully dedicated developer of Software Asset Management solutions. Today, more than 3,200 organizations around the world rely on Snow’s on-premise and cloud-based SAM platforms to manage software licensing across more than nine million devices, from the desktop to the datacenter and into the cloud. Snow Software has a solution especifically for SAP Licensing: Snow Optimizer for SAP®. "The Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software is the worlds leading technology that collects, aggregates and analyzes SAP usage data. The product can be used to carry out Discovery, Baseline Inventory, License Optimization, enhanced User Administration (e.g. Role-Tuning) and analysis of indirect SAP usage/access. Giving customers visibility of their SAP usage with factual data empowers their position of strength for contract negotiations with SAP. Significant cost savings to be had with user type metering and correct user license allocation. System Measurement automated for all systems by a click of a button, making the completion of the LAW report ready for submission to SAP much simpler and faster. Written in native SAP (ABAP) and SAP certified.

Company Benefits:

 Snow Software with the Snow Optimizer solution can help SAP Customers providing them detailed usage data of their SAP systems, empowerinng them when negotiating with SAP, identifying potential cost savings and making User Administrator easier.

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