TJC UK & Ireland Ltd

Company Profile:

TJC has 18 years of experience in SAP data archiving and data extraction for tax and audit. Our wealth of knowledge and experience comes from working with over 400 customers worldwide. Our value partnerships with Deloitte, EY, PWC and others, allows to provide full automation for the compliant archiving solution needed for a successful SAP ILM process and tools for precise data access/re-read necessary for a successful tax audit. Our approach is unique and focused, individual for each customer providing them with solutions that reduces their TCO and gives them the confidence for their legal data retention and other compliancy obligations as required in each country of operation.

Company Benefits:

 '- Access to in depth knowledge and experience on SAP data archiving and data extraction for tax audit/compliancy within the SAP environment through our network of technology and professional services partners. - Archiving methodology that has been part of the SAP training curriculum in Western Europe - Audit and tax data extraction that adhere to the legal and compliancy requirements unique for each country.

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