Virtual Forge

Company Profile:

Virtual Forge is an independent provider of security, compliance, and quality assurance solutions for SAP systems and applications. Our solutions and services enable organizations to automatically identify risks and correct errors and vulnerabilities in their SAP system environment, thus protecting them from cyber attacks, fraud, and downtime.

Virtual Forge Products provide optimal protection for:

- SAP Applications - Safely identify and automatically correct risks and errors in your SAP applications and transports.

- SAP Systems - Identify risks and vulnerabilities in your SAP system configurations and automatically correct them.

With Virtual Forge Professional Services you take advantage of our SAP security experts' many years of experience and bring professional project support to your organization.

Leveraging our Scanning-as-a-Service offering lets you securely upload your SAP transports or ABAP developments into the Virtual Forge Cloud in no time and obtain detailed reports on errors and vulnerabilities.

Our customer base includes global leaders in industries such as automotive, banking and insurance, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, high-tech and electronics, media and entertainment, consumer products, retail, oil and gas, and utility software.

Company Benefits:

 Virtual Forge brings in expertise from very many projects in the security area. We have excellent speakers and evangelists with a lot of practical knowledge from many real customer projects. Virtual Forge is a founding member of BIZEC and is working together with other organizations on the definition and implementation of security standards in SAP environments. E.g. Virtual Forge defined the BSI Top 20 topics for ABAP development for the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik - this is the Federal Agency for Security in the IT). Virtual Forge offers a broad range of services, like penetration testing, mitigation of vulnerabilities, etc. as well as excellent products to automate checks on security of code, system settings and transports. The offerings are on premise as well as in the cloud. Virtual Forge works with leading audit companies and implements their requirements into the products.

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