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Ticking all the Boxes with PreBilt for MHE

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Recognising health and safety requirements in the warehouse, and responding to the needs of our customers, we have introduced PreBilt™ for MHE to enable users to perform pre-shift checks on warehouse vehicles using our mobility solution.

PreBilt for MHE is designed to reduce health and safety risks, and to ensure compliance with the industry required pre-shift Material Handling Equipment (MHE) inspection checklist on vehicles in the warehouse.

While there are several methods for completing pre-shift MHE checks, there are still many companies which rely on paper. Manually performing checks can lead to issues including inaccuracies due to human error, lack of traceability due to the potential for paper to be misplaced, and a time delay in the information being available.

We are continually looking at ways in which we can respond to customer requirements and strengthen PreBilt, our suite of out-of-the-box mobile applications for the SAP supply chain. Enhancing our mobility solution offering, PreBilt for MHE will allow users to perform the necessary MHE checks on their warehousing vehicles on existing mobile devices, without investing in an entirely new system. The application interface takes the form of short, operator specific questions which, once complete, can allow the user to sign on glass and store the answers provided into a reference document, making pre-shift MHE checks a simple and hassle-free process, ensuring information is accurate, traceable and immediately available.

PreBilt for MHE can be deployed ready to use as part of the PreBilt suite of applications, with a comprehensive set of checks included as standard, such as the general condition of the vehicle, as well as the condition of vehicle forks, carriage plates, masts, back rest extension load guards, lift chains, tyres, wheels, overhead guards, driver cabins and leakage on the floor or under the vehicle. It can also be easily configured further to fit a customer specific script and layout preference depending on requirements.

Commenting on our latest development, our product manager, Geoff Gray, said: “We are constantly looking at processes within the supply chain that can be improved by completing them using a mobile solution. We are delighted to be able to enhance our PreBilt portfolio, with PreBilt for MHE, not only to offer users a simple solution to complete their required checks, but also to improve the accessibility, accuracy and traceability of the data from those checks.”

For more information on PreBilt for MHE, or any of our mobility solutions, please get in touch today.

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