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SAP on Full Display with PreBilt for List Reporting

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PreBilt for List Reporting was developed following a customer request for an order screen in its staging for production area. Components for production were picked from different regions of the warehouse, and a visual marker was used to identify the components which were ready for production. This was proving a slow process, leading to time delays, which in turn affected production rates and so the customer required a more efficient solution.

The app is part of PreBilt, our suite of out-of-the box supply chain mobility solutions. It takes the form of a wallboard which displays live customised reports from SAP, such as bin or delivery reports. It also shows the actions taken or required within the report such as ‘to be picked’ or ‘to goods issue’. The application can be refreshed manually, as well as automatically in easily adjustable intervals, with the last refresh time visible, ensuring the information displayed is consistently up to date and accurate. Furthermore, the screen display can be configured to be as simple or as detailed as the customer requires.

PreBilt for List Reporting serves as an easy way to provide everybody on site with key operational data simultaneously, benefiting the warehouse operatives and the business. Managers are kept informed of stock position and outstanding tasks to be completed, allowing for processes to run smoothly and efficiently. The solution also enables warehouse operatives to complete tasks as soon as they are ready, minimising downtime.

Commenting on our latest development, our product manager, Geoff Gray, said: “We are continually responding to customer feedback and looking at ways in which we can further improve supply chain processes for our customers. We are delighted to be able to enhance our PreBilt portfolio with our List Reporting App, which provides live updates displayed in the warehouse, ensuring tasks get completed without delays, enhancing process efficiency and warehouse productivity.”

For more information on our PreBilt for List Reporting app, or any of our innovative supply chain solutions, then get in touch today.

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