diginomica - Is SAP RISE changing the S/4HANA business case, or not? UKISUG goes behind the numbers of their newsmaking RISE with SAP survey

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SAP user groups have a knack for winding up in the news fray. The latest example? UKISUG, aka the UK & Ireland SAP User Group, which released a lightning-rod RISE with SAP member survey on the cusp of their annual conference.

Personally, I don't see anything controversial in the survey results. I do, however, see data that is instructive for SAP - and reinforces needed action items.

How did we wind up in controversy? Via sensationalized stories by other media outlets, which cherry-picked an unflattering stat or two without context, in order to portray RISE with SAP as a failure. I believe the reality is much more complicated, and the conclusion premature. I believe it all points back to an older, but still pressing challenge: building an effective S/4HANA business case.

But what does UKISUG think? Next week, we'll have the chance to find out directly from SAP users, with our own Derek du Preez on the ground in Birmingham - attending UKISUG's first annual conference since the pandemic began (as of this writing, there is still time to register and attend in Birmingham). For now, let's kick things off via a video call with Paul Cooper, the Chair of UKISUG (Cooper is also Head of IS at Burton's Biscuits).


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