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Manufacturing with a Cloud-Based MES: What Are the Benefits?

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By Martin Gore & Michael Jewson | Martin is our European Business Development Manager, Digital Manufacturing, and Michael is our Senior MES Consultant & Solution Architect

The Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions

Many companies have already migrated to enterprise software in the cloud. As a result, enterprise and office productivity have been transformed with digital ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), HR solutions and office suites. Fewer and fewer people have word processing and spreadsheets installed on their physical computers or laptops. The benefits of autosave and sharing often provide enough of a reason to switch at the end-user level while the executive suite considers the capital vs. operational expenditure decision. In the factories, the adoption of cloud manufacturing execution systems (MES) has been slower, with on-premise applications still the dominant solutions.

However, leading manufacturers are looking to adopt cloud-based technology to meet future challenges today. They want to optimize performance by integrating business and operational systems with their larger ecosystem of partners and suppliers to:

  • Serve their customers better
  • Incorporate the capabilities of digital smart assets
  • Adapt to the market by establishing high-value processes

Even in the cloud, these manufacturing execution systems (MES) can collect and analyze high-volume, real-time data being collected from the shop floor. The result is improved performance and scalability, faster resolution of production-related issues and increased traceability.

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