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Sustainability has grown to become a major focus for many organisations. Whether it’s to minimise our impact on the planet or ensure resources are being used efficiently, it’s an area no one can afford to ignore. Here at the UKISUG, we recently conducted a survey to see how our members are approaching the three core pillars surrounding sustainability: ESG ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’.

Encouragingly the majority of organisations (87%) have ESG goals and/or KPIs in place. However, almost 4 out of 5 of those surveyed said that events such as COVID-19, supply chain disruption and the war in the Ukraine risk delaying their organisation’s ESG initiatives.

The survey found that almost three-quarters of organisations believe SAP’s technology will help them meet their ESG goals. When we asked users how specifically members would use SAP’s technology to meet their sustainability goals, identifying and reducing waste across the organisation (25%) was the most popular response, followed by making the supply chain more sustainable (21%), analysing and reporting on carbon emissions (19%), and adopting/benchmarking against industry best practices (13%).

To help our members further when it comes to ESG , we’ve launched our new Sustainability SIG, which is being chaired by Craig Dixon, IT Director – Europe for Plastipak. We’ve also got our first Sustainability SIG webinar coming up on Wednesday this week, where we will sharing the full results from the survey, and SAP will be providing an overview of the some of the tools that are available to help organisations on their sustainability journey.

We also have a second webinar scheduled for October 25th, where we will outline how UKISUG and SAP are delivering on their respective ESG roadmaps. We will also be running a Community & Environment stream at our CONNECT conference later this year, with customer and product sessions focused on ESG reporting. Check out our CONNECT website for further details in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to learn more in our SIG or get involved, you can learn more about it here: < Back to all news

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